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My Guest Blogging List
Below is the list of my Guest Blogging on SEO, SEM, Social Media, eMail Marketing Online Marketing and Web Technologies etc.

What NOT to say to a Police Officer
Police Give Me Your Donut Now. Is that a 9mm? That's nothing - look at my 44 Magnum. Bad Cop. No donut. I pay your salary. Didn't I see you get your butt kicked on Cops?

Useful Links - SEO Tools
Links to SEO and Web Tools related websites. A categorized list of useful websites and free online tools

Twitter Feed - @joydeep7
I am using Twitter Widget to display my most recent Twitter updates on my website.

Search Story Video
Joydeep Deb Search Story on Youtube. Check out my Google Youtube Search Story. Video duration only 35 seconds...

My Projects
List of the projects Joydeep have worked on over past years. MetricStream Inc., ComplianceOnline, Oracle, The Search Agency and Cisco Learning Network.

Problem Solved: I can fix that!
In our day-to-day life, when we are working toward the solutions of our problems, it always helps to know the answers. Below are funny problems and issues which needs resolving.

Funny T-Shirt Quotes
Funny t-shirts with humorous quotes are featured along with famous sayings, slogans, and jokes that people will appreciate. Famous quotes on funny t-shirts are featured along with famous sayings.

Funny Geeky Technical T-Shirt Quotes
Funny, geeky and nerdy technical t-shirts quotes that will make people laugh. Get these T-Shirt printed for your own and spread the joy all around you...

Funny Photos and Pictures
Funny photos and funny pictures of people, animals and other stuffs. Nice cool and cute pictures collection. A collection of some funny photos I have found over the internet.


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MISC - Miscellaneous

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