Guidelines while building a Corporate Website

- Monday, May 26, 2008

When it comes to design or creating a website there are lot of things to take care of before you start, specially when it comes for Corporate websites. I always say, "A hit to your site can lead to a sale" which is possible if the visitor/user finds your site useful, user friendly, something they are looking for

Guidelines while building a Corporate Website

A corporate website should always maintain its integrity and be professional in design and development. That doesn't mean it can't be flashy or jazzy till you can maintain the professionalism. The website should not be irritating to the visitor/user, they should not be wasting there time when they are looking for something on your website.

Have a proper layout of the site, categories them in sections by products, news, events etc. Go with the colors for your wesite, which should compliment the company logo. Use a common font throughout the website, don't use multiple fonts in different sections keep everything constant. Make your site easy to use easy to navigate and easy to read.

Check spelling in your website content, be honest with the content tell the truth about yourself, products, offers you announce. Design/Code/Build the website to load as fast as possible it helps those with expensive and/or slow Internet connections. Make sure your pages are working on any browser (browser independent) check your website in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape (old and new versions). Check all your Scripting/Coding are working fine across all browsers.

If possible do page validation for all the pages ( have proper indenting in your code and get rid of junk codes. These point's matters to Google. Encode your pages for special characters. Have an external CSS for all your pages to define their class and layout. When you use any image give ALT/Title tags, height and width to it as it helps to load faster. Come out with a tracking solution for your website so you can track your visitors. Have Bookmarks, Print, and eMail options in all the pages.

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