How to Suck at Social Networking

- Wednesday, March 03, 2010

In today's world almost every men, women, and children's are having their own social networking account(s). To name a few Facebook, Twitter, Orkut/Buzz, MySpcae etc. To be honest most of us have our accounts in all possible social networking sites, problem is people don't know or understand what to publish and what not to publish. And sometime this is what results in many privacy issues and scams.

How to Suck at Social Networking

Well my main focus in this blog is the "Status Line Update(s)". People publish all weird status updates or talking out of the context, which make no sense to your friends, networks and followers, because no one has any idea what the hell you are talking about.

So what should I publish in my status line or tweet about and what I should not?
Well my answer is "keep your personal life personal" and try not to making your personal life public. Below are few points you should not do at all.

Your kids, dog, cat, goat, or whatever else

(E.g. Wow, Jackie just did #2 on the doormat, so cute – http://tinyurls/wtf)
It's understood that your children and pets are your world. But to everyone else, they are a glorified tamagotchi.

Talking out of context

(E.g. Yuppie, the spider pig saved the world again, but he is little mad at Santa for now.)
Now what the hack does this mean? Seriously no one has any idea what you are talking about. It's not cool at all and it lame and sucks.

The conference or event you are at

(E.g. OMG @DumbGuy what a presentation dude, you totally OWNED that last session on optimizing your twitter background pic.)
Frankly speaking no one outside of that conference or event gives a crap about it.

Some people will post update about anything and everything

Even when it's something you would never, ever want to know.
(E.g. Hey everybody, I just took a dump and it's shaped like a mountain lion!)

What else not to publish?

What you are eating / Your workouts / Emotional breakthroughs.

Remember what you share and talk about in your social networking profile(s), will create an image of yours in front of your friends, networks and followers. Share news, share information but don't share crap. Keep your profile interesting so people will find interest in you and will follow you.

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