Creating Calendar Table in Power BI

- Saturday, January 02, 2021

You can generate a date table in your model by creating a calculated table using either the CALENDAR or CALENDARAUTO DAX functions. Power BI Calendar Table with Weeks, Month, & Year. Creating the Date Dimension in Power BI.

 Creating Calendar Table in Power BI

Creating Calendar Table in Power BI

  Calendar = 
VAR BaseCalendar = 
	CALENDAR ( DATE ( 2018, 8, 1 ), DATE ( 2020, 12, 31 ) )
		VAR BaseDate = [Date]
		VAR YearDate = YEAR (BaseDate)
		VAR MonthNumber = MONTH (BaseDate)
		VAR WeekNumber = WEEKNUM (BaseDate)
		VAR WeekDay = WEEKDAY (BaseDate)
		"Day", BaseDate,
		"Month", FORMAT (BaseDate, "mmmm"),
		"Month Number", MonthNumber,
		"Year", YearDate,
		"Year Month", FORMAT ( BaseDate, "yy/mm" ),
		"Week Number", WeekNumber,
		"Week Day", FORMAT(BaseDate, "DDDD"),
		"Weekday Number", WEEKDAY(BaseDate, 2)

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