Send PPC traffic to landing page and not homepage

- Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Directing your potential visitors to specific landing page(s) with the answers they are looking for is the key. Many business owners like to send their PPC traffic to their website homepage and not to the specific landing page.

Send PPC traffic to landing page and not homepage

One reason I can think of is the business wants to create their brand first before the sale. They don't understand that the landing pads do carry their company brand, landing pad header contains brand logo and footer have access to the rest of the website (Privacy Policy, Contact Us, Sitemap, About Us etc.)

Now imagine you are searching for 'Nokia N95' in Google search, (Sorry, but like many other people, even I have a habit of using the Google search first.) and the first result is Nokia. Cool, now a pop-up quiz: Would you like to go to Nokia homepage and search the website till you find the Nokia N95 page, or would you be more satisfied just going to the actual Nokia N95 page and finding it immediately? The answer is very obvious.

Other advantages of directing your PPC traffic to specific landing page(s) are higher conversion rates, leads, sales etc and it doesn't happen when people are directed straight to the home page. It is also a good user experience also, as the visitor saves a lot of time searching for his query. Also campaign tracking becomes easy, as you can easily differentiate the traffic coming from organic search or paid search.

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