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- Thursday, September 16, 2010

Because a great content needs to be seen by all...

Social Media Buttons helps you to share your content with the social Web. These buttons allows your visitors to share your content quickly and easily if they feel the content is worth sharing. It can also help you to generate significant amount of traffic to your site, without spending any extra penny.

Social Media Share Button

Social Media Share Button also look at your page to find a relevant Title, Description and Image etc. You should use <title> and <meta> tags to your page to help them to find these information.

How to add Custom Share Buttons

If you want to add very specific Social Media Share Buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc. They are available individually.

Add Google +1 Button

Google: +1 buttons let people who love your content recommend it on Google search. Add +1 to your pages to help your site stand out.

<script src="">
</script> <g:plusone size="tall" href="Your Page URL"></g:plusone>

Add Facebook Share Button

Facebook: The Share Button is the easiest way to allow your content to be shared on Facebook.

<div id="fb-root"></div>
<fb:like href="Your Page URL" send="false" layout="box_count" show_faces="false"
<script src=" App ID&xfbml=1">

Add Twitter Share Button

Twitter: Add this button to your website to let people share content on Twitter without having to leave the page. Promote strategic Twitter accounts at the same time while driving traffic to your website.

<a href="" class="twitter-share-button"
data-url="Your Page URL" data-count="vertical" 
data-via="Your Twitter ID">Tweet</a>
<script src="">

Add Digg Share Button

Digg: Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web.

(function() {
var s = document.createElement('SCRIPT'), 
s1 = document.getElementsByTagName('SCRIPT')[0];
s.type = 'text/javascript';
s.async = true;
s.src = '';
s1.parentNode.insertBefore(s, s1);
<!-- Medium Button -->
<a class="DiggThisButton DiggMedium" href="Your Page URL"></a>

Add Google Buzz Share Button

Google Buzz: Help people share stuff from your website in Google Buzz.

<a title="Post to Google Buzz" class="google-buzz-button" 
href="" data-button-style="normal-count" 
data-url="Your Page URL"></a>
<script src="">

Add StumbleUpon Share Button

StumbleUpon: Quick and Easy Badge Setup.

<script src=" Page URL">

Add reddit Share Button

reddit: The reddit button is the smart way to get your content submitted to and discussed on reddit.

<script src="">

Add Sphinn Share Button

Sphinn: Submit stories to Sphinn easily by bookmarking them or clicking on a bookmark button in your browser.

<script src="">
Social Share Button

There are many other websites which offer custom “share” buttons, enabling your viewers to share content on popular social networking sites.


It’s pretty easy to put these buttons on your website, all you have to do is go to these websites and follow their instructions.

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