Life Lessons learned the hard way

What life lesson have they learned the hard way? People shared the life lessons they have learned the hard way.

Life Lessons learned the hard way

Learn to say no. Don't try be the guy who is available for any and every project. - fattmattcity

Take care of your health first and foremost, there's nothing more important than being comfortable in your own body. - mauriliom

Just because you spend a significant amount of your life with someone by your side doesn't mean they'll be around for the rest of it. - mike1893

Don't put all your trust in new people right away even if you believe they are your friends. - tachanka_savior

Life doesn't owe you anything. Do good things because you want to, not because you're gonna get something in return. - anyrak

You will fail at one point in your life. You will fuck up and embarrass yourself, it’s unavoidable. The only important thing is that you learn from it and get back up. Nobody will care or remember in 3 years.

One day mom will be gone forever, spend time with her while you still have the chance. Girlfriends, friends, college and even work can wait but your parents have time against them. - bondash

Just because you will do everything to make other people happy won't mean they'll do the same. - ohmydoggo

Most people are damaged goods because they are products of bad parenting. So .......Raise your love before you raise your children. - r_____________

Bad things can happen in a consecutive number of times, learn to endure and be patient. - services_doggo

Don't expect a favor back. Do it because you want to - lysterik

Don't take your ex back. - crazyratlady1

The one who's not afraid to walk away always has the upperhand - learned it in a relationship but have applied to my work as well. - theonlymunchkin

Most people will listen only to reply, not to understand. - alehydrangea

Some people are just bad. When your instincts tell you to run, run. - idkcallmedark

Learn to respect yourself, and take a stand for yourself. If you're always the submissive one you'll be fucked hard in life. - broken_yas_21

Nothing happens by waiting. Whatever you have to do. Do it now. Learn a new skill. The world is evolving and you cannot stay static. - osilvamiguel

People can smile to you and treat you nice and still stick a knife in your back. Good deeds don't get remembered. - jesuspornstar

Don't ever consider coworkers as your friends, only few of them won't betray you ... - i_sylvain

Ask when you don't understand - sniper_girl

Realizing that while You re growing up, your parents are growing old - jikio

Friendship ends when money come in - msnirk

Nobody's perfect and mistakes ARE acceptable. - angel_enigma

If you dont want it after you fap dont get it. - yomamzaho

Learn to let toxic people go, respect yourself first. - mvplayer21

The only friend you need is yourself - jon_5now

Don't get your expectations to high, you'll always be dissapointed. - omg_stop

Dont love someone more than your parent and yourself - xdfgrga

People come and go so easily depend on their interest toward you - pere7as

When you fully trust someone without any doubt you either get a person for life or a lesson for life. - volkanstc

Love is like fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably shit. - _acommenter_

Don't make decisions when you're angry. Wait to calm down completely then think about it with a more logical and rational mind and then see if the decision you thought of earlier is still a good one.Otherwise, you will most likely regret the decision born of anger. - evemia

Don't stay around people who doesn't appreciate you - colorwolffee

If you don't live with your parents anymore, call them once in a while. Today would be good... Tomorrow could be to late... - nonkonformnord

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