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Use this unit converter to convert metric system vs. imperial system. Convert centimetres (cm) to inches (in) to feets (ft) to kilometres (km) to miles (mi). Type your conversion unit into any of the input boxes below.

When it comes to measuring length, there are different units of measurement used around the world. In the United States, the standard units of measurement for length are feet and inches, while in many other countries, the metric system is used, with the standard unit of measurement being centimeters.

If you need to convert between these units, it can be helpful to know the conversion formulas.

1 Centimeter = 1/2.54 Inche = 1/30.48 Feet = 1/100000 Kilometre = 1/160934 Mile.
1 Inche = 2.54 Centimeter = 1/12 Feet = 1/39370.1 Kilometre = 1/63360 = Mile
1 Foot = 30.48 Centimeter = 12 Inche = 1/3280.84 Kilometre = 1/5280 Mile
1 Kilometre = 100000 Centimeter = 39370.1 Inche = 3280.84 Foot = 0.621371 Mile
1 Mile = 160934 Centimeter = 63360 Inche = 5280 Foot = 1.60934 Kilometre

A centimetre or centimeter is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one hundredth of a metre. The inch is a unit of length in the imperial and United States customary systems of measurement.

The foot is a unit of length in the imperial and US customary systems of measurement. The kilometre or kilometer is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one thousand metres. The mile is an English unit of length of linear measure equal to 5,280 feet.

With these formulas, you can easily convert between feet and inches, and centimeters. It's important to note that when making conversions, it's essential to be precise and use correct rounding techniques to ensure the accuracy of your results.

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CM to Feet, CM to Inches, Feet to CMs Converter

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